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Mazurenko Wrist Wrench

$ 69.00 

KNURLING HANDLE FOR WINDING ON TAPES – Made in USA Ideal for attachment to regulated pulley. Especially made to strengthen wrist and fingers. Exclusive Mazurenko Equipment product Made in USA Dimensions: Thickness: Ø 48 or Ø 60 Grip width: 24 cm Lenght (total with unwound strap and grip): 31 cm Technical data: Handle: made of PVC pipe for better hand grip. The exerciser handle is covered with a special anti-slip tow. Handle color: black Tape color: black Grip: made with stainless steel profiles Tape length: 20 cm Tape width: 2,5 cm Weight: 0,8 kg Excellent for exercising: Finger strength, increasing grip strength necessary in every technique in armwrestling. Also increases wrist strength. Includes: One grip for wrist curls with strap